Born From The Wanderings of a Creative Mind

The newest of the By Rory boutiques, this is an imposing space with a spacious and architectural feel. Deigned to best display our most directional brands, the boutique features dual aspect windows and the collections run down both sides of the boutique with two handcrafted, 80-year old barn-dried oak and sculpted rebar tables which sit majestically in the centre. For this boutique, we wanted to create a chic and luxurious feel whilst still sticking to our roots, which are deeply embedded in the sand of some far-flung beach. As such, we combined copper, iron and concrete with huge, natural coral formations and smooth, black pebbles, huge ceramic urns and wooden driftwood benches.

Quinta Shopping, Quinta do Lago, Algarve, Portugal. +35 1913 440 152


Born from the wanderings of a creative mind, Rory curates collections of luxury resort wear that fuse timeless elegance with the free spiritedness of a seasoned traveller.

Successful beginnings in the Greek islands led to five more locations in Portugal’s luxurious Algarve, and a further two boutiques in St. Lucia, Caribbean.

Having started solely with women’s collections, By Rory has now developed into a lifestyle brand as well, stocking menswear and some interior design pieces with a strong, directional design ethos and brand image.

Perennially young, stylized, and with a fresh outlook on everything from resort dressing to summer beach living, By Rory collaborates with brands that reflect this image of youth and style.


Veterans at the pop-up shop game, by Rory has collaborated on numerous occasions with brands wishing to open pop-up shops in London and abroad. Not only can we design the entire look of the store, but also expertly pull together similar brands and create a final collection which merges the freshest designers in all aspects of resort and beach wear. If you are a single brand looking to open a pop-up in collaboration with others but need someone to take the reins for you, we are expertly qualified to help out, and we’ll make sure that the shop looks fantastic too. Alternatively, we can offer a management service for any pop-up, which would involve anything from implementing new payment systems, to finding and training staff and re-merchandising the boutique.


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