Luxury Resort Wear – What To Pack

Luxury Resort Wear What To Pack

luxury resort wear what to pack

Welcome to our first of three editions of ‘what to pack’, each week we will focus on a different holiday type, with the goal of inspiring you with what to pack. Kicking off this series we will focus on luxury resort wear what to pack, so have a read through this post and embark on a journey of effortless elegance that will cause you to be the envy of every other resident at the resort.   


Swimwear that fits well and oozes glamour is always a must.  Asceno has you covered, their swimwear is made from gorgeous seamless fabrics in beautifully bold print, and best of all they come in a variety of styles so you can decide to cover up as much or as little as you want. Resulting in a radiance of confidence and elegance as you lay beside the pool.

Luxury Resort Wear What To Pack

Swim Wrap Bandeau & High Waisted Bottom
Scoop Top & Classic Bottom Pine Polka
Swim Classic One Piece Terracotta


If being active during your luxury break helps you unwind then you must check out Varley activewear. They are a performance-first lifestyle brand who create technically innovative, fashion-forward apparel for the modern woman. Drawing on their origin to blend London’s cosmopolitan elegance with L.A.’s active lifestyle.

Luxury Resort Wear What To Pack

Bedford Legging Olive Snake
Weymouth Sweat Olive


A fancy dinner or evening entertainment? This is the perfect place to wear your most elegant dress, so we know how important it is to choose the right one. Below is our selection of Hansine evening dresses, to make this choice as easy as possible, and in order for you to turn heads as soon as you arrive.

Luxury Resort Wear What To Pack
Halter Silk Tie Dye Dress Midnight
Beach Dress Pale Grey
Bohemian Tea Dress Inky Green