Men’s Beach Resort Wear 2018

Men’s Beach Resort Wear 2018

When Men’s beach resort wear is mentioned, you’ll be forgiven for envisioning a group of Floridian OAPs, sipping a tom collins, discussing that lovely cruise they took to the Bahamas, however, this is not the case in our opinion.
That is why we have created a list of Men’s resort wear 2018, to help you or the man in your life to stand out, with an effortlessly stylish ora while out exploring the landscape or entertaining in the harbour.

Men’s Resort Wear 2018: Linen.

Men's Beach Resort Wear 2018

You can not go wrong with linen, so much so that it should be a staple piece within your suitcase. Neutral colours work wonders and go with most other items. Finish with linen shorts or trousers and espadrilles or sandals. To be honest, you can wear a linen shirt with pretty much anything. The result will be, a touch of class and sophistication added to your overall outfit.

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Men’s Resort Wear 2018: Sunglasses.

Men's Beach Resort Wear 2018

No matter if you are relaxing on the beach, walking through cobbled streets or watching the sunset with a drink in your hand, you will always have your sunglasses on. They are the most sought-after accessory ever, giving the wearer a touch of mystery. And that is precisely why you need to have a good pair in your arsenal.

Your face shape will affect which pair of sunglasses will suit you best, so here’s a quick guide to choosing the right shape for you:

Round face:

Square or oblong models are advised in this case because they contribute to slimming down your face.

Square face

Drop-shaped frames (straight on the top and curved on the bottom).

Square face

The perfect model is ones with wider frames at the bottom.

Oval face

By far the easiest, it’s possible to try all kinds of glasses out.


Frames with sharp corners.

Oblong face

Larger models, with elaborate thicker frames, are a great option.

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