Our Favourite Four Bloggers You’re Probably Not Following

Three out of our four favourite bloggers just happen to be Portuguese – between Ines Manique’s motorbike, Sofia Reis’ editing skills, Leonie Hanne’s crafty couture and Barbara Ines’ bikinis, there is a lot to be excited about on the internet right now.  For outfit inspiration, travel and beauty tips, follow these four women. Hailing upwards of 15k followers, including all of us at By Rory – read about their individual styles, and why we have our eyes on them, here:

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Ines Manique

A scroll through the Instagram of Ines Manique leaves you craving the scent of a freshly frothed cappuccino.  Whether or not “froth” can be used as a verb in past tense – we don’t care.  This Lisbon native highlights her favourite parts about her home city, guiding her followers on where to go for the simple treats that embellish her Sundays.  Beautiful brunches, or light lunches, and casual rides on her motorbike offer insight to Manique’s eye for capturing special moments throughout day to day life.  She strolls at golden-hour along Portugal’s riviera, and through vegetable markets and vintage book stands. On a recent visit to Morocco’s Riad de Vinci, she sported a bright red jumpsuit, lipstick to match, and a scarf tied casually to her low ponytail.  See more of her travels, and looks, on her website, Room 91 and on her Instagram.  

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Sofia Reis

Sofia Reis cultivates bohemian beach chic with muted textiles, simple stripes, flowy cover ups and dresses with careful accessories that give her outfits a personal flare. Hats, bags, belts and flowers in her hair help Sofia stand out as a blogger, but it is her photography that we love most.  Reis edits her photos with enthusiasm, offering other members of her online community access to her methods; you can buy “pre-sets” on her website, Mexiquer,  allowing fans to apply her look to their own photos.  Follow her Instagram to see some of her key brands including our favourite Cloe Cassandro, and what she gets up to on her upcoming trip to Verona.

favourite bloggersLeonie Hanne, rocking her favourite Cult Gaia bag, available in store at By Rory Portugalfavourite bloggers

Leonie Hanne

“Ohh, couture,” exclaims the online presence of Leonie Hanne.  Luxury couture, indeed, with a flare of street style.  It is no surprise that Hanne is stopped on a regular basis by photographers during fashion weeks around the world.  Spotted in Paris wearing a chic blue bandana around her neck, in New York looking composed while sporting an oversized Lacoste button-up, and in Milan wearing a glamorous silk pleated skirt, Hanne’s outfits seem both effortless and carefully composed.  Based in Germany, Hanne travels with wavy blonde for work and for play; she is a former strategy consultant, now operating exclusively for her platform. Ohh Couture is the marriage of her love for shopping, and distaste for sitting in the office.  A fan of  By Rory stocked brands Asceno and Cult Gaia, she has also collaborated with the bigger corporates such as Cartier, Bulgari, Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch, Lancome and Net-A-Porter. Join this boss woman’s 1.7 million followers on Instagram for where she goes next, and what she’ll be wearing.

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Barbara Ines

Perhaps the edgiest of this bunch, sports loose tops with exposed bralettes, tiny bikinis and inventive hairstyles.  Her beauty tips and make-up tutorials are attainable; styles like messy buns engineered for long hikes, braids made for wanders on the beach and silky straight hair for a day in the city allow for easy transitions between real-life and the camera.  Ines almost always speaks to the lens in Portuguese in her Insta stories and on her YouTube channel, but scenic videos of a Cabo Verde or amped up memories of music festivals are solid enough reasons to learn her language.  Her blog, here, her Instagram, and her YouTube channel might teach you a thing or two.

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