Rory Shearer – Times Article: Home! The Party Villa

Rory Shearer, owner of By Rory gives The Times an insight into where he spent his summers as a child in Zakynthos, Greece.

“Thirty-year-old Rory Shearer’s family home in Zakynthos, a Greek island just off the mainland’s western coast, may well predate Instagram, but you’d be forgiven for thinking it was designed with the image-sharing app in mind.”

Rory Shearer

“No surprise that the first of eight By Rorys popped up at Peligoni. The family have owned the “Kensington and Chelsea on sea” resort, as Shearer puts it, since 2003. He spent long, sun-soaked summers in the midst of the hotel’s house party-like scene.”

Villa Figari is a part of The Peligoni Club and the first location of By Rory’s collection of luxury boutiques around the world.

Rory Shearer

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