Spotlight: Activewear

Keep stylish and warm while active this winter, with this spotlight of our favourite Women’s gym wear from our By Rory Activewear collection.

Women’s Gym Wear

Varley Bedford Legging – Olive Snake
Weymouth Sweat – Olive

As the cold dark nights draw in, and we start to prefer warmer clothes and experience sleepier mornings, it is easy to forget about our fitness goals.  The mere thought of a run in arctic temperatures, combined with the lack of sunlight, or a long drive through the rain to that gym, which now feels a lot further away compared to a when the sun was not just a distant memory.

Women’s Gym Wear

Spiritual Gangster Mas Amor Pullover

However, here at By Rory, we have put together a collection that could make the thought of winter workouts a bit more appealing.

Women’s Gym Wear

Varley Manning Sweat – Sepia Rose
Varley Johnston Tee – Black

We always perform better when we feel better, and with such beautiful options on the market at the moment, there is something for every body type and fitness regime. So It’s time to get rid of that bobbly gym wear and switch up your activewear drawer. Here at By Rory, we have curated a small collection of our favourite women’s gym wear brands: Varley and Spiritual Gangster to make your choice a little easier! Whether you choose H.I.I.T, Yoga or an outdoor hike, it should be done in style.

Women’s Gym Wear

Spiritual Gangster Golden State Sweatshirt
Spiritual Gangster ‘Love, More’ Pullover

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